What’s in My Park Bag

It’s been months since I published the What’s in My Work Bag post, but I decided it was finally time for a follow up with a new post! Today I’m showing you what’s in the bag that I take to the theme parks with me. I don’t frequent the parks as much as I used to, but especially with all the fun new things coming this spring and summer, I’m sure we’ll be in the area more!


First things first – the bag part of this post! I’ve been living in Florida for going on four years now, so packing a bag for the parks is almost muscle memory at this point. Back in 2013 on my college program I went through a lot of trial and error in finding the right park bag – it had to be sturdy but comfortable, not too big or small, and look cute enough that I didn’t mind carrying it around. I don’t really like taking my Dooneys or other purses to parks a lot because they can be big and unruly, and with the totes especially they end up making my arm hurt from carrying them all day! I like backpacks for park days, and for a while I settled on a small Vera Bradley backpack and I also had a sparkly Ariel one – both of which I still have, and love! But I wanted something a bit more versatile and neutral that I could wear with anything.

My previous park bags were much more suited for CP-aged Kaela haha. Last year before our Seattle/Disneyland trip I started looking for a new bag to use when we were on vacation. Luckily, Target came through for me, as they usually do ❤ I found this beautiful faux leather backpack there the week before our trip:


My exact one isn’t available anymore, but this one and this one are pretty similar, and there are many others where that came from! I love this bag because it’s cute and comfortable to wear, matches pretty much any outfit, and fits everything I need. I also love the multiple pockets – they’re amazing for when I want to hold lots of little things separate from the main compartment. Now…on to what I keep inside!


Here you can see how everything fits inside comfortably – in Disneyland I would regularly take a sweatshirt with to wear night when the temperature went down, and it would fit in my bag easily with room to spare!

Starting off with the essentials:


First, an absolute essential for a Florida summer, my umbrella! I talked about this in my work post and it’s still going strong. In the middle there is my lanyard with what gets me into the park, my main entrance pass! I also keep my cast ID in the little pouch. To the right is my wallet, which is the same wallet I also discussed in the work bag post. Below that is my portable charger which is a godsend!! My exact one isn’t available but there’s MANY other ones on Amazon.


Next I have my beauty items, I guess? I like to have a few touchup things with me when we go to the parks in case it rains or is just super sweaty outside. First, some NYX blotting sheets for when I start lookin a little oily, then a whole pack of bobby pins…it might seem overzealous, but it’s annoying to only carry around a few!! Then a mini deodorant – I always have one of these with me, which is why I enjoy that I continue getting them in beauty boxes haha. I’ll always carry with me the lip color that I am wearing that day – here it’s Buxom White Russian. Then there’s my little mini WetBrush and finally, a custom initial compact that I got for Christmas from my dear friend Ana ❤

And then the fun stuff!


These are the things that aren’t necessarily in my bag, but I’m usually wearing them at the park. First up is my Alex and Ani collection. Like every other girl age 18-24 who goes to Disney theme parks, I collect Alex & Ani bracelets. I like to wear all of them at once so I jingle whenever I move my arm. Here’s a better picture of my collection:


I currently have 9 and I love every single one of them! The ones I have are: the original Ariel, Disneyland castle, Disneyland Forever, the K initial charm, the Monopoly dog, Epcot, filigree Mickey, Princess Leia, and my birthstone!

Admittedly, I don’t wear my Minnie ears as much when I go to the parks anymore – but I couldn’t not include them in this post! I like to wear them when I’m feeling extra touristy 🙂 Then I have my magicband (usually pink) – even though I can use my pass to enter the park I usually like to use my band and go full tourist. And finally, of course, my sunglasses!

Here’s my arm styled with all my bracelets and my band:


And during the Epcot festivals, I can also be seen sporting one of those bracelet gift cards haha

The only thing I left out was a water bottle, because I’m on the hunt for a new one currently just because my current one is a bit big for most of my bags. But other than that – that’s everything I take to the parks with me!  To finish up – here’s a bonus Teddy photo of when he thought my white background for photos was a seat for him hahaha


That’s all for today! What things do you keep in a parks/vacation bag? I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading! 🙂

❤ Kaela


  1. A good water bottle is the hydroflask! it keeps water cold for a long time, which could be good since you’re in Florida! They have a bunch of different sizes and caps and colors.


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