Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip Review

Today I have for you another makeup review that I’ve been meaning to write for some time…but never got around to doing haha. In this post I’ll be reviewing some liquid lipsticks by the brand Beauty Bakerie:


As you probably know, our wedding is coming up (very quickly, might I add) and I plan on doing my own makeup. I’ve been practicing with a bunch of different products, and one of the things I’ve been looking for is the perfect lip color. I wanted to find something super long lasting for the big day, that will make it through eating, drinking, and being married. On a normal day, reapplying truly doesn’t bother me much at all, but on my wedding day I figure I won’t exactly have access to touch ups throughout the day.

Enter Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips.

ooblry5image from missviggitybeauty

Beauty Bakerie is a brand perhaps most known for their super long-lasting liquid lipsticks, called Lip Whips. You may recognize them from some videos that have been going around of people putting the lipsticks on their arm, rubbing them off, even running water over them – and the lipstick doesn’t budge at all:


I was curious to say the least, and decided to place an order. But first – I was curious about the brand itself…

Beauty Bakerie was started in 2011 by founder Cashmere Nicole. Her mission was to “be sweet and sweeten the lives of others“. On the brand’s about page she talks about how the brand counters the frequently promoted idea that makeup is for “bad girls”, and that there’s nothing wrong with being sweet, positive, and friendly. Cashmere is also a breast cancer survivor and has talked about how her passion, drive, and attitude have gotten her to where she is today. One line I really liked from that last article I linked was when asked how she has learned from failure, Cashmere says “I have never failed. I have only learned.” I didn’t mean for this post to become about uplifting quotes but I feel like that deserves to be on an inspirational poster somewhere haha


ANYWAY – all that being said, it’s clear that Beauty Bakerie was founded on values of hard work, positivity, and providing a quality product. And cute theming – the brand itself is all bakery-themed (as you may have guessed from the name), with other cute products like BROWnies (eyebrow gel), Flour setting powder, and an EyesCream eyeshadow palette.


All of Beauty Bakerie’s products are also cruelty free and vegan-friendly, and most are gluten free as well. And when you throw in the fact that purchasing from Beauty Bakerie means we’re also supporting a brand owned by a woman of color – it’s looking pretty good from all angles!

Now that I’ve rambled about that for a while, we’ll move on to the actual product in question: the famous Lip Whips. Each Lip Whip retails for $20 full price (but the site frequently runs discount codes and promotions), which is the same price as my current favorite liquid lipsticks by Kat Von D. The Lip Whips make the following claims:

  • Long-lasting, smudge proof, and water-proof.
  • Don’t worry about eating your makeup with our Lip Whips. They stay on your lips not your food!
  • Apply your Lip Whip and leave it at home. Don’t worry about reapplying.

I feel like it’s a pretty big claim to say you can LEAVE IT AT HOME after applying…god knows how many lip products I keep in my bag at any given time in case I need to reapply haha

So anyway. I ordered two Lip Whips for my first purchase. They shipped very quickly and after just a few days I got this super cute package!


I absolutely LOVE the theme and overall aesthetic of the brand. It’s so cute and happy and just makes you smile 🙂

Inside my package I found my two lip colors, along with a little guide to help use my new Lip Whips:


Or should I say, a “do’s & donuts” guide. I love these puns okay.


The packaging for the actual lipsticks was adorable too…I’m obsessed!!! It’s so cute!!!!

For my first order I didn’t wanna go too crazy, so I picked up just two colors to start. Those colors were:


On the left “Take Me For Pomegranate” and on the right, “Syruptitious” – even the names are food puns!!!!!! Help me!!!

I decided to get these two colors based solely on swatches and reviews from other blogs, which was HARD. It’s insane how the same color can look so different on different people. I tried to find swatches from people who had a similar skin tone to me but it proved to be very difficult, so I ended up just kinda winging it. I wanted something in a kinda nudey “my lips but better” shade, and then a wildcard to see how I liked it, which is how I ended up with these two colors.

Quick pause because this is a good segue into one MAJOR downside of the Lip Whips… as of right now they are available pretty much exclusively online. This means it’s impossible to swatch or otherwise see shades in person before buying, which makes it…difficult, to say the least. There are a few locations here and there where Beauty Bakerie is sold in a real store, but currently the store closest to me is about 2,400 miles away…so that’s not really an option haha. I have read that they will soon be sold in Forever 21 (they’re available on the website now) and I’ve seen RUMORS that the brand will eventually be sold at Ulta…. which would be AMAZING… but until then it’s online-only for me!

Anyway – back to my review. This is so long already omg I’m sorry haha. But let’s take a closer look at these colors.

Take Me For Pomegranate is a beautiful fuchsia/berry shade that is bright and bold!! I saw photos of this shade on a girl with my skin tone and it looked stunning on her so I decided to get it. It’s super, super pretty in real life. It’s just a bit too bold for me to be able to wear it at work but it’s sure to be a stunner on my days off! You can also see the Lip Whip applicator here – a sort of pointed oval tip that makes it easy to line your lips and then fill them in.

Here it is alongside some similar colors I already owned. During this exercise I was surprised to discover that I don’t really have many of these pink/berry shades – you can see none of the ones I have are an exact match.


I feel like those colors make the Pomegranate look subdued lol but it’s a bright, beautiful pink in person!! Moving on to the second color…

Syruptitious is described as a mauve rose shade. I would call it more of a rosy brown than anything, but this one is hard to describe. In other people’s photos this one varied wildly between a true mauve and a light brown. The tube itself also changes the shade a bit from the outside, so it’s actually quite hard to tell what the color looks like until you open it. And even compared to the photos on Beauty Bakerie’s website – it looks different, in my opinion:

That’s not to say I dislike it, just that it really sucks not being able to see these colors in real life before buying haha

Here it is compared to some of the other approximately 10,000 mauve/rose/nude/neutral/brown shades I own – I found it surprisingly hard to match this color but maybe I’m just colorblind lol


On this swatch it does look a bit more rosy but I still think it pulls more brown on me. Idk. It’s nice either way haha

I decided to put Syruptitious to the test first with a long day at work!

beginning of day

Here I am at the start of my work day. I feel like even in this photo it doesn’t really show the true color – it looked a bit more brown on me in real life than I expected it to. I really do like the color though. It’s really nice for fall as a simple (and Disney Look approved) color, but I think I could find a better true neutral shade for my wedding look. However I do think this shade would look AMAZING on someone with darker skin than me!

Initial application was fine – I followed the instructions and exfoliated my lips first, then carefully applied the lipstick. It went on extremely smoothly and I quickly forgot I was wearing anything at all. After a few hours of wear I checked on my break to see how I was doing…and amazingly, it truly hadn’t budged:

middle of day

You can tell that I’ve been meaning to write this post for a long time because that button for the Halloween party tells you that I took these photos when I still worked at Magic Kingdom….haha

Halfway through the day and my lipstick still looked amazing!! At this point my lips felt the same as they do when I wear other lipsticks for this long – a bit more dry than if I was wearing nothing, but by no means uncomfortable. I was mostly amazed that I could eat and drink and even touch my lips without even a smudge on my fingers. This stuff is legit.

At the end of the day I took a quick selfie to see how things were going:

end of day

Yes, I may be shiny everywhere else and look like a zombie haha…but my lipstick was intact!! I didn’t have to reapply all day and it was still pretty much completely opaque. I was amazed. I took some better pics in better lighting:

You can see here that it’s started to wear off a bit on the inside of my lips:

end of day 3

But honestly, this was TWELVE HOURS after initial application and I was truly amazed. At the end of the day my lips felt a bit flaky on the inside of my mouth, where the product was coming off a little bit…but I had also been wearing the lipstick for 12 hours lol. It was more than I ever expected and I was extremely impressed.

So Syruptitious set a high standard for me…let’s see how Take Me For Pomegranate does:

I tested this one on a day off, when we had lots of errands to run and things to do – I wanted to see if I could get through the day without having to reapply. This one applied just as well as Syruptitious did. It went on smoothly and was easy to fill in, and it dried really quickly.


Not to toot my own horn but I love this color on me lol it’s so bright and beautiful!


Our first stop was to drop Teddy off at the groomer, after which we headed to Starbucks for a quick bite. I was cautiously optimistic about how the lipstick would perform, and was excited to see this when I bit into my breakfast sandwich:


Not a trace of pink anywhere!!! This is amazing, even my Kat Von D lipsticks don’t do this haha

I was equally pleased with the lack of pink on my straw. Normally everyone jokes that they can tell which drinks are mine because of lipstick prints on them haha…not anymore!!


I checked in periodically throughout the day to see how my lipstick was doing and it looked fine every time. Most of the day I literally forgot I was wearing anything at all, it was so amazing. It lasted through snacking…


Puppy kisses…

puppy kiss

And human kisses too! I made Chris do a kiss test with me and he begrudgingly agreed haha

No residue at all!!! He wasn’t actually that annoyed to do it for me, he was just being dumb haha

Fast forward a few more hours to the end of the day and I still haven’t reapplied, but I’ve eaten 2 more meals including pasta and a delicious Culver’s hamburger, and my lipstick looked like this:


Again the rest of my face looks shiny but my lipstick was still going strong!! These pics were taken 12 hours after initial application. This was the day my mom came in to town and she was shocked that I hadn’t just put it on before picking her up from the airport. It lasted all day long with no issues!

good 2

You can see again, after 12 hours of wear it does start to come off on the inside of my lips a bit, which also happened with Syruptitious. Toward the very end of the day I also started to be able to tell I was wearing it, if that makes sense – it began to feel a bit dry and I knew it was about to be time to take it off haha. But again that really didn’t bother me…it had been on for 12 hours and the lipstick had more than done its job. I was extremely impressed.


I feel like I have talked way too much already so let me start wrapping things up haha….here’s a pros and cons list okay


  • extremely long lasting and opaque
  • stayed on even through eating and drinking
  • same price as brands I already buy, with frequent discounts/promotions
  • large shade selection
  • not having to reapply constantly will make the product last longer
  • super cute packaging/aesthetic
  • brand has an overall positive message and values that I feel comfortable supporting


  • only available online – no way to swatch or view colors in person before buying (BIGGEST con for me)
  • can be drying if worn for an especially long time
  • price can be prohibitive for someone used to drugstore prices, and you have to pay for shipping!

My overall opinion is that the Lip Whips are a GREAT product and I look forward to trying more shades. Pretty much the only thing I dislike is the inability to try the shades out in person before buying, which isn’t even the fault of the product. I hope they’ll start selling it in Ulta or something sometime so I can buy without blindly guessing what shade I’m going to get! Otherwise, the lipstick does exactly what it says and holds up great through pretty much anything. Like I said, I don’t particularly mind reapplying my lip colors during everyday use at work or whatever, but I think these would make an excellent choice for special events…like a wedding haha. I’ll definitely be looking into other colors to use for my wedding makeup!


If you’d like to check out Lip Whips or any other Beauty Bakerie products, click here! Note that this link is an affiliate link and will get you $10 off your first purchase and I’ll get some money off too 🙂 Additionally, they usually will send you a 10% off code pretty quick if you sign up for the newsletter if you’d prefer to do that – I think the one I used was OVENFRESH10 but they change them from time to time so definitely try that too!


It’s also worth mentioning that Beauty Bakerie is currently doing a promotion for Breast Cancer Awareness Month where all pink products are 20% off for the month of October, with some proceeds benefiting Look Good Feel Better. If you’re interested in trying out a few things, it’s a perfect time to do so while also supporting a good cause 🙂 I have already taken advantage by ordering 3 more shades haha

That’s all I have for this extremely ridiculously long review post!! If you made it this far, I sincerely thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed my rambling haha. I feel like this reads like a sponsored post because I raved and ranted so much but I just really loved this brand and want to continue to support it! Let me know if you’ve purchased anything from Beauty Bakerie or are looking forward to trying out some Lip Whips ❤

Thanks so much for reading!! ❤ Kaela

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