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Welcome friends to another blog post about how to get free stuff! Last time I talked about Influenster, and today I’ll be writing about a similar site with less pressure to do stuff – BzzAgent(Edit from the future: you can click here to see all my similar posts about saving money and getting free stuff!)


BzzAgent is an awesome site for word-of-mouth marketing…maybe even my favorite! I like to think of it as a more relaxed version of Influenster. They’re much more low key and don’t require nearly as much work for the products they send you – just a few surveys.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 9.44.54 PM.png
Main profile page of BzzAgent


BzzAgent has basically the same model as Influenster: they send you stuff, you tell your friends about it and fill out a survey. Where Influenster has VoxBoxes, BzzAgent has “campaigns”. Campaigns are usually centered around one product rather than a group of products like Influenster sends out. I’ve been using BzzAgent since fall of last year and I just got my 5th campaign invitation today!

BzzAgent gives you a “BzzScore” that is used to determine what different items you’ll get sent to you. You can increase your BzzScore by updating your profile, completing campaign activities, and doing surveys. BzzAgent has a LOT of tiny surveys you can do to keep them updated about your life and preferences, so they can better match you to future product samples. I’ve only gotten beauty samples so far, but I’ve done surveys about household items, car things, and even stuff for pets. It’s good to do the surveys a lot and keep your profile updated.

Some examples of the types of surveys you might be asked to complete:

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 9.44.34 PM.png

It’s really not difficult to improve your BzzScore – you can see in the first screenshot above I was a 6.9, and after just a few surveys I jumped up to a 7.3:

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 9.55.12 PM

Type of Products

BzzAgent gives surveys on basically everything, but I’ve only gotten beauty products so far. According to their instagram people get all kinds of stuff – just browsing through I see dog food, coffee, shampoo, a brow pencil, sunscreen, children’s medicine, toothpaste, face masks, air freshener, energy drinks…so you clearly have a wide range of products being offered here. It’s clear that they’ve got partnerships going with specific brands; I’ve received 4 separate items from Garnier and L’Oreal seems to be a big one too. They don’t have many higher end brands or really expensive things but it’s still fun to get to try out new stuff for free!


Some examples of products I’ve gotten – I actually LOVED that Garnier hair stuff!!

Amount of Work Required

Not a lot! For some campaigns, they don’t ask you to share the product with others at all – just complete a review on their website. BzzAgent does their reviews a bit differently from Influenster though. They’ll rate your activities based on how much work you put into it. It’s not hard to get an “excellent” rating if you just write a few sentences, so put in a few extra words and try to get your activities high ratings!

They also have little activities called “Bite Sized Bzz” that you can do to stay involved even if you’re not on a campaign – things like posting instagram pics, tweeting, or making pinterest boards:

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 9.46.14 PM.png

To be honest I never do these Bite Sized activities but they’re there if you want to haha


Like I said, BzzAgent is more low key and laid back than Influenster and I kind of love it for that reason. You often only have to do one survey per product received, and it feels like much less of a burden than constantly reviewing things and sharing things all over your social media channels. I think of it as very good for beginners because it doesn’t require as much work or tasks to complete.


Honestly the only con I can think of for BzzAgent is it feels like I haven’t gotten a lot of stuff from them, but really…can you complain that someone isn’t sending you enough free stuff haha. You’re more likely to get single items rather than an assortment, like in Influenster’s VoxBoxes, but I’m cool with that. Something is better than nothing, right?

My Opinion

BzzAgent is a great way to ease into this whole send-me-free-stuff business. They don’t ask a lot in exchange for sending you some cool things, and doing the surveys is actually kind of fun. I definitely recommend BzzAgent to people who want free stuff but maybe don’t want to put in as much work and advertise on social media quite as often!

And that’s my two cents on BzzAgent! If you’d like to sign up, you can click here – and that is a referral link from my page, so I’ll get some points if you sign up through it 🙂 Thanks for reading as always! If you know someone who likes getting free stuff too be sure to share this post with them 😉 see you next time!!

❤ Kaela

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