Zenni Optical Review

If you follow me on instagram you’ll know that I got new glasses the other day!!

both pairs

This isn’t my typical type of “review” post, but I’m so obsessed with my new glasses and the website I got them from that I wanted to write about it. I’ve been wearing glasses since about 2nd grade so…I’ve been through more than a couple of pairs in my lifetime. This time, I ordered my glasses from a site called Zenni Optical.


This isn’t the first time I’ve ordered from Zenni. I got new glasses about 2 years ago from the site and they’re still going strong, and I’m very happy with them. I had high hopes that they’d be just as good the second time around and I was not disappointed!! These are my snazzy new frames:

new pairs

I’d also like to clarify that I’m not affiliated with Zenni at all, I’m nowhere near fancy enough to have anything like that lol but they do have a referral program for you to get $5 off an order, which I’ll link at the bottom of the post 🙂

So anyway. The way Zenni works is you just have to upload your prescription and measurements (they have a great guide about how to measure) and pick out your glasses! They have a huge amount of different styles to choose from. They also have a cool/kind of creepy feature where you can upload a photo to see what the glasses would look like on you…I find that it’s not very accurate to real life but it’s still fun haha

I placed my order on 7/14, got an email that they were shipped on 7/19, and they arrived on 7/22! They showed up in this cute teal envelope.



Each pair of glasses comes in one of these cute teal cases. I still have the cases that came with the glasses I previously purchased from Zenni – they’re really cute and sturdy.



Inside each case, the glasses were carefully packed in a plastic bag along with a little cleaning cloth. The little ruler-looking thing there is to measure the width between your pupils – you don’t need a ruler to do this but it helps!


The first pair I got were these black cat-eye style:


Also look at the cute cleaning cloth!! Each one is a different outdoors-y scene, they’re so cute.



As for the glasses – they’re thin, lightweight, and very comfortable. They’re the tiniest bit wide for me but they stay on just fine. I chose these because I saw a girl wearing super cute cat eye glasses at work a few weeks ago and decided I wanted some too. The best part is that these are totally passable for work, because they have no visible logos and are black all over! These are style #283621 and they cost $12.95.

The second pair I picked out were these amazing pink frames:


I’ve always wanted to have fun colorful glasses like this and I decided to finally do it! The best part is that these only cost $6.95!!!! Period. These glasses were less than $10.



These are style #123197. I love how they are somewhat translucent plastic and they are super cute and summery. I think they may be a bit big for my small face, but I love how they look and I’m going to wear them anyway haha. They also come in a few other colors.

I really love both of them!! The black ones give me cool librarian vibes hahaha and the pink ones make me feel way cooler than I am. Chris says the pink ones look silly but I love them hahaha

Just for comparison’s sake I wanted to show you the other glasses I have ordered in the past from Zenni too. Like I mentioned before, I ordered these pairs in 2015, and they are still holding up really well!

old pairs

The green ones on top are still available in style #102324. I love these a lot, they’re my “around the house” glasses and they were my first foray into non-neutral frames. I think they’re really fun! This pair was $23.95.


The bottom pair is retired but it was style #665725. I ADORE these glasses. They’re a really pretty tortoiseshell pattern so I can wear them to work, and these are actually my go-to work glasses. I keep them in my work bag all the time in case I need to change into them or have a contact emergency or something. I love these so much!! These originally cost $27.95.


You can also see here how I can easily fit a pair of contacts in the case along with my glasses and the cleaning cloth. I keep this little kit in my purse all the time for work!


And here’s everything all together – the older pairs on the left, and newer on the right:

all pairs

And here’s all my cleaning cloths just for fun haha


So I obviously love my new frames, but I also really love Zenni as a company. I’ve only ordered twice now but I’ve had great experiences both times, and I wouldn’t hesitate to order again or recommend them to anyone. It’s so easy to upload your prescription and start shopping – the hardest part is choosing a pair! My one suggestion would be to read the reviews for the glasses you want to buy. A lot of people will leave reviews of how the glasses fit or how the colors look in person, or even share photos. It helps a lot to figure out if they’ll be a good choice for you.

And that’s all my thoughts about Zenni and my new glasses! I am really in love with my new frames and the site as a whole. They have so many different styles and you can customize them a ton too – you can even get prescription sunglasses or transitions lenses. Like I mentioned, they do have a referral program which allows you to get $5 off an order and I’ll get $5 off too! You can click here to get a code to do that 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this review of Zenni and my new glasses! I hope if you have horrible eyesight like me you can maybe find some new glasses haha. Let me know if you’ve ordered from Zenni before or if you do in the future!!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed 🙂

❤ Kaela

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