Meet Teddy!

If you follow me anywhere else online, I’m sure you’ve seen pics of the new addition to our family, and I’m so excited to tell you all about him now!! This is Teddy, my new pup!

meet teddy.png

First, some background info. I’ve been wanting to get a dog basically ever since I moved to Florida, way back in 2013. I had had dogs my whole life and I missed my pups back home so much, but the timing was never quite right. Once we moved to a new place at the end of 2015, it finally seemed like the right time. I knew I wanted to rescue a dog, so I started applying to rescues and looking at dogs on Petfinder.

Unfortunately, I guess the rescues didn’t like me lol…all the ones I contacted either immediately turned me down because I lived in an apartment/didn’t currently have any dogs of my own, or never responded to my messages. I visited the humane society but most of the doggies were too big – our apartment had a 20 pound weight restriction, which severely limited my options. I started to get really discouraged because I wanted a dog so much. This sounds so stupid but I would cry like once a week about dogs lol. It got to the point where it didn’t make sense to get a dog in our current apartment because our lease would be up soon and I wasn’t about to pay a $400 pet deposit to keep a dog there for a few months. I decided that it would have to wait until we moved at the end of 2016, which was sad but I knew it was the right decision.

hes so cute.png
he loves to sit on my lap 🙂

During this time, I talked to my parents a lot about the situation. One day my mom had an idea – they’ve adopted many dogs from lots of different rescues back home, and they still kept in contact with those organizations. My mom gave me the idea to look around for puppies up where they live to see if I could find any that seemed like a good match, and they would go pick up the dog for me until they came to visit at Christmas. This seemed like a great idea so I started looking at rescues near them.

And then we found Teddy! He’s a 4 year old Pomeranian that was rescued from a hoarder’s home and was now at a local humane society. My parents went to check him out and they said as soon as they walked in they knew he was perfect. They picked him up that day and took him home to be delivered to me at Christmas!

They only had Teddy for two months but they really became attached to him in that time. They have 3 dogs of their own (a Yorkie, a Papillon, and a Papillon/Pomeranian mix) so he fit in really well right away. My mom cried when she dropped him off lol. They said they knew right away that I would love Teddy because he has a super cute personality and LOVES to cuddle and be petted. And he is RIDICULOUSLY CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So now we’re moving into a new place and Teddy is settling in with us too, and I seriously could not be happier. He’s so well behaved, perfectly potty trained, super friendly and cuddly, LOVES everyone, and barely ever barks. He’ll wake me up with one polite bark when he has to go out in the morning, it’s adorable haha. He knows his name, responds well to commands (he knows “sit” and “go see mom” which is SO cute!!)… he’s just perfect! I couldn’t have asked for a better match. He’s the perfect addition to our home and family and just having him around makes me so happy!!

I didn’t expect this post to be that long but I hope you enjoyed my rambling about this perfect puppy!! I’m definitely going to write more about him in the future so this won’t be the last time you see him! I got a bunch of puppy supplies for Christmas and I think in the future I’ll probably write a blog post about all the things I got for him. A puppy haul, if you will. If you follow me on instagram I’m also gonna post pics there with the hashtag #KaelaAndTeddy. I’m still debating if I want to make him his own instagram…we’ll see 😀

seems like he’s adjusting pretty well…

Thanks for reading! until next time!! ❤ Kaela

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