We’re Going on a Cruise!!

Just wanted to do a quick life update amongst all the wedding posts – we’re going cruising next month!!!


I am SO excited!!!!!!! It’s going to be of course Chris and myself, but we will also be joined by the fabulous Sarah, star of the Beach Club & Chill series, and her boyfriend Grant! Chris and I had requested off the whole week for my birthday because we’re doing some of the Star Wars RunDisney races the weekend before, and we figured we would want to do something for my birthday as well. We had been eyeing the idea of a cruise and Sarah has been wanting to cruise for a LONG time as well, so we kept our eyes peeled for a good rate. AND Sarah’s birthday is only 3 days before mine, so a cruise around them both would be very convenient.

Back when I was small and innocent and loved meeting characters lol

Wellllll last week we found a great rate and went ahead and booked it! We’ll be sailing away in just under a month and we are so excited. It’s my second cruise and Chris, Sarah and Grant are ALL first timers so it’s going to be so much fun! I’ve been itching to go on another cruise since I went with my family way back in November of 2013 (which is where all these pics are from) and I can’t wait to go back 😭

Friends at sea

Here’s some of the things I’m looking forward to most:

  • Castaway Cay!!!
  • hopefully getting a reservation at Palo for brunch!
  • free food all day every day
  • watching movies on the ship – hopefully they’ll release Infinity War on board for us!
  • ordering multiple entrees because it’s free
  • swimming in the adults only pool
  • ordering Mickey bars from room service which is still free
  • writing all about everything we did when we get back home! Hopefully by then I’ve finished the other vacation posts I’ve been working on for ages LOL

Macaroni Cheese and Baked Potato Soup

It’s been almost 5 years since I ate this baked potato cheddar cheese soup on our last cruise and I still think about it frequently lol

We are so beyond excited and I know it’s going to be amazing! We’ll be celebrating two birthdays and three first time cruisers, it’ll be such a blast. Obviously I’ve gone before but it’s been a while – if you’ve been on a Disney cruise recently, feel free to share your best tips with us! We have a month to prepare and we’re so pumped 🙂 Thanks for reading this little post as always, I’ll be back to regularly scheduled wedding posts this week but had to just make a quick update! I can’t wait to take tons of pics and write all about the fun things we’ll do at sea!!

til next time ❤


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